Welcome to Rockatz cattery, we are a small cattery located in Northwest Indiana about 50 miles southeast of Chicago. Our name signifies two of our greatest loves music and cats, especially the Siamese and Oriental breeds.  Our love affair began in 2005 when we purchased our first pedigreed Siamese, a seal point girl that we named Sailor Blue from Sunsettrail Cattery.  From the day we took her home she stole our hearts and we were in love, then a year or so after, we purchased two Lilac point sisters (Lyric and Poet) from Summermorn Cattery, and the rest is history.  


The breed is often mistaken for being aloof but nothing is farther from the truth. This breed exudes love and affection and they will be your best friend and constant companion, be ready to give them all the attention they ask for.  They love to play, run, leap, explore and even play fetch. They are very dog like.  And don’t be surprised when they curl up on your lap or sneak into bed with you to settle down for the evening.  Another great feature of the Siamese and Oriental breeds is that they need little to no grooming (from humans!)  they take care of that on their own and love to groom each other.  Siamese and Orientals usually do better when they have a feline companion to keep them company when human companions are not around


We have a small number of kittens and cats to place each year to approved homes.  Our kittens and cats are raised in our loving home where they receive all the attention they deserve, and lots of room to run and play.  Our number one goal is to raise healthy kittens that are loving and social.  Kittens are usually ready to be placed in their new homes between 12 and 16 weeks and after they have had the proper vaccinations.  All kittens are CFA and ACFA  registered.   If I don’t have what you are looking for I am happy to refer you to a few other reputable breeders that I am associated with.


* * * Please contact us for available kittens and upcoming litters! * * *